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Minty’s Moving was contacted by Total Energy, a US based company to transport 3 propane tanks from their existing site, 1.5 miles, to waiting railcars.  These tanks were 100′ in length and 11′ in diameter, weighing 80T each.

This move was accomplished without the use of any cranes.  We incorporated our beam and hydraulic dolly system to load and transport, and our slide system to off-load them onto the railcars.  This eliminated the cost of cranes at both sites.

Permitting and utility clearance proved somewhat of a challenge as we had to move the tanks through the city of Selkirk, including a school zone.  The tanks were moved individually.

Total Energy were pleased with the efficiency of our system, the only major delay was with the railcars.  They were not designed to carry this type of load. We were able to bring in our welder to design an apparatus to safely secure the tanks to the railcars.

At Minty’s Moving, we pride ourselves in being able to accommodate any move, and to manufacture any equipment deemed necessary to make it work.