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  • As a home owner, are there ways that Minty's can help me?

    Minty's Moving provides options for the home owner to consider. Instead of on-site building, there are several reputable RTM companies that construct well built homes to your specifications that can be moved anywhere.

    If you are finding that your present home is too small, we can raise your home to accommodate a new basement, doubling your square footage. This can be done with very little disruption to your day-to-day living.

    Older homes can be purchased and moved to your location. One advantage to this option is that it can be placed onto a foundation or basement and be ready to move into fairly quickly. An added bonus is that you have a home that you can live in right away and if renovations need to be done, you can do this at your own pace.

    Minty's Moving can provide quick service in the area of small cabin moves.

    An example of what can be done: A show home was purchased in Winnipeg for a very reasonable amount ( the reason being that wire costs to deliver it from downtown would be astronomical ). The solution - remove the upper level and garage, then transport in three loads. These pieces were moved 250 miles, put back together and returned to original condition. End result: a $400,000 home bought for a fraction of the price.

    We use a hydraulic jacking system and move with hydraulic dollies, making for a smooth lift and transport. We have a huge inventory of moving beams to accommodate lengths up to 100'.

  • In the agricultural industry, are there ways that Minty's can help?

    Today's agriculture industry has evolved from a small family operation to an expensive business. In a business governed by so many factors beyond their control, farmers are looking for ways to streamline their operations and to reduce costs.

    Some have turned to Minty's Moving for solutions.

    Here's an example: a hip-roof barn was converted into two usable sheds. The once idle loft space is now a usable shed for implement storage, maintenance shop or even a building to house a sideline business, such as a repair shop, a body shop, etc.

    With the closing of so many family operations, farm buildings sit vacant just deteriorating. For some, this is an opportunity to expand their operations with quality buildings at a fraction of the cost of new. Instead of building new, existing buildings have been raised to accommodate larger pieces of machinery.
  • As a business owner, are there ways that Minty's can help me?

    Why not strike away from the norm and restore a heritage building to create added interest to your business venture? There are so many quality buildings available that are going unnoticed. The potential of these is unlimited.

    Sitting vacant on an abandoned farm, an old building like this would have eventually been destroyed. But someone saw its potential. Minty's Moving was hired to move the two-storey house to its new location, a golf course. The owner converted it into a pro shop, a kitchen, a restaurant, and a conference room.

    In addition to having a structurally sound building, the owner now has the added attraction of having a building with a history for customers to talk about while visiting the golf course. Along with the golf course, it also provides a beautiful setting for summer weddings.

    We welcome all inquiries. Our staff have direct knowledge and experience with creating something new and exciting from something old and forgotten.

    For existing businesses, we replaced a basement of a restaurant by excavating the perimeter, raised the building and repaired the basement walls. All the while work was being done, the restaurant continued business as usual. There was no down time.
  • Does Minty's consult on engineering construction, removal and repairs of bridges?

    After years of carrying out such work, we have started a separate division called Canada Bridge.

    Canada Bridge completes work for all levels of government and for private individuals. Our personnel will do site inspections of bridges for our clients and determine what should be done to the structure and submit this information to an engineering firm in Winnipeg for further analysis. We then submit our proposal to the client for their approval, and in most cases we can save our customers a considerable amount of money by using good salvageable material for the repairs.

    With the size of our company we are able to respond to emergency repairs very quickly, to all types of bridges or water structures. These repairs can be made with material from our own inventory.

  • How can our community save money by moving, instead of constructing a new building?

    Communities have found that for a fraction of the cost of new, they can purchase buildings from other communities and have them moved for considerably less than building new. Minty's Moving has been contacted in the past to move housing complexes, arenas, and historical buildings into communities.

    Some of our moves include a skating rink in Saskatchewan, a duplex being moved to provide needed housing, an elevator being brought into a historical site, or raising of a manse to provide a larger home.

    Minty's Moving also prides itself in being able to find solutions to repair buildings that are destined for destruction simply because of a lack of knowledge. Locally a community complex was thought to be beyond repair. With our expertise we were able to save the building by replacing floor joists and repairing walls. Instead of demolishing the existing building and waiting a year for it to be replaced, the community center resumed activities within a week.

    In the fast paced world that we live in, repairing, rejuvenating, and replacing with quality buildings is proving to be the more feasible venue.

  • Do you have a project that you have been told cannot be done?

    The following is just one example. A cruise boat was purchased by our local marine operators for the purpose of operating a dinner cruise. This boat was in British Columbia. Although the size was relatively small (22' x 60') in comparison to most moves in Manitoba, it proved to be bigger than what was allowed to be transported through the mountains of British Columbia.

    The owner being a semi driver felt confident that he could haul the boat back by himself. Wrong. He contacted the original movers who had moved it from Vancouver to Kelowna. They could not accommodate him due to permitting. Minty's Moving was contacted but we, too, found that the BC permit office would not issue a permit. Plan B - transport by rail. However it was too large to fit through the tunnels. Now what are the owner's options? He has invested a lot into this venture to be told he cannot get it home!

    Back to negotiations with the BC permit office. They finally granted us one route-straight south between the hours of 2:00am and 5:00am, after first removing the upper deck to attain legal height (to be transported on a separate load). Then we worked our way through Washington state, to Idaho, to Montana, back to Canada through Alberta, to Saskatchewan, and finally to Manitoba.

    2600km later, the boat arrived safe and sound in Manitoba. The owners were very pleased to see their boat host its first dinner cruise.